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Sautéed SEPPIA (Cuttlefish) In Its OWN INK.                            


HOT HONEY SHRIMP: Hints of Ginger, Honey, Cayenne. Sesame Seeds.                    


TUNA TARTARE: Sushi Grade AHI Tuna. House Recipe.                           


GRILLED YOUNG OCTOPUS: Mediterranean Citronette. Arugula.                        


TRIONFO di BUFALA: Traditional & Smoked Mozzarella, Vine Tomatoes. EVIO. Basil,   PARMA 24 MO. 


JAMON IBERICO BELLOTA: (Acorn Fed)                                                       


TAVOLOZZA: WILD BOAR Prosciutto, DUCK Prosciutto, COPPA, N’DUJA.                    


La DIAVOLA: Margherita Pizza with S.Marzano Sauce, SMOKED BUFALA, N’Duja. Basil, EVIO      


Pan Fried  Battered ARTICHOKES: Crab Meat. Citrus Beurre Blanc.                      






RICOTTA RAVIOLI: White Truffle Cream, Mascarpone Sauce. PICHIN

( Piedmont) Cheese Shavings.       


GENOVESE: Pulled Braised SHORT RIBS, Onions. Wine. Herbs. Pappardelle.                    


BOLOGNESE BIANCA: Pork,Veal, Pancetta, Peas. Herbs. Pappardelle.                    


LAMB & FILET TIPS Bolognese: MUTTI Pomodoro. Pappardelle.                        


WILD BOAR Bolognese: Hints of Cocoa, Cinnamon, Red Wine. Chestnuts. Pappardelle.               


SUNDAY’S RAGU’: Pulled Braised Pork Ribs, Meat Balls, MUTTI Pomodoro. Rigatoni. Pecorino.      



OXTAIL RAGU’: Soffritto. Hints of  Cinnamon and Cocoa. Pappardelle.                    


NZ RACK of LAMB: Rosemary Cabernet. Potatoes & Spinach.             


12 Oz  Pine Land Farm PRIME STRIP: Sangiovese Reduction. Spinach & Potatoes.             


ALENTEJA: Sautéed Pork Cubes, Clams, Shrimp. Garlic-Wine Sauce. Roasted Potatoes. Herbs & Spices.      


LINGUINE alla LUCIANA: Sautéed Young OCTOPUS, Cherry Tomatoes, Herbs, Spices.           


SQUID INK SPAGHETTI JANARA: Shrimp, N’DUJA (Spicy Sausage), Cherry Tomatoes. Herbs.       


ARAGOSTA: Lobster Meat, Portobello, Peas. Pink Brandy Cream Sauce. Homemade Tagliolini.              


S.IRENE: Langostino, Crab Meat. Brandy & Wine. Cherry Tomatoes. Herbs. Linguine.              


ACQUAPAZZA: Filet of BRANZINO. Kalamata, Capers, Peperoncino. Cherry Tomatoes, Wine, Herbs. Spinach    


ZUPPETTA: Filet of BRANZINO, Clams. Saffron-Tomatoes Broth. Herbs. Linguine Gar/Oil            

Non Solo Pasta  900 West Trenton Ave  Morrisville PA 19067

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